Ride is fun! Ride is factual! Ride is highly recommended! Ride comes to you! And we can bring our horses.

Ride into History is a historical performance touring troupe. For over five years we as scholar/performers have been giving audiences of all ages the opportunity to meet intriguing individuals such as Calamity Jane and Amelia Earhart who are part of the past that is in all of us.

We travel all over the country to take our chautauqua-style performances to conferences, schools, annual meetings of business groups, historical societies, retreats, universities, libraries, fairs, and, yes, even theaters. Or you can see a performance around Ride's home campfire.

We call ourselves "Ride" because we use horses to represent travel--travel through time as well as space. Outdoors we ride up on horseback. Indoors the horses remain hitched outside and we burst in carrying our authentic-to-the-time saddles.

We are a Kansas Arts Commission's Touring Program and on the National Women's History Project roster.

We also lead workshops on creating first-person narratives, storytelling, and doing local history and oral histories.