Character Portrayals: Ride into History
with these characters from our past . . .

All programs available with horses!

Praise for Ride into History: Here's what hosts and audiences of Ride are saying . . .

"Their energetic first-person narrative style, combined with authentic costuming and properties, makes this an enjoyable offering for virtually all . . . audiences. . . . I am impressed with the group's ability to achieve and sustain audience interest in . . . dissimilar settings."

"Your . . . Elizabeth Hampstead was wonderful. I have never seen that many girls and adults stay that quiet."

"[Y]ou did a super job of telling your stories, making history come alive for us. The student in each of us appreciates your thorough researching and interaction with members of the audience and their questions. A group of small children were seated in front of me, and I watched their fascination and eagerness as you talked. What a wonderful way to learn history!"

"Several students who had previously showed little interest in Great Plains History were 'INSPIRED' by your program."

"You made it seem as if we were really there in the wild west . . . ."

"Through your talk you were a great help to us in our efforts to project and share the history of this area with the community, and more importantly, opened the eyes and minds of the audience to information, fact, and history about women on the land of which we were previously unaware. It was a wonderful talk!"

"You both have given these lucky participants in your class a precious, lasting gift--that of curiosity and investigation."